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Hints for better and easier searching

General Information

This search looks only at data that's part of the basic information about a hike, such as title, hike leader, distance and difficulty. Since it's not a "site search" which looks at the actual content of the hike report pages, you can't use this search to find all the hikes you went on — the only place an individual name might appear is in the caption under the group photo in the hike report itself.
These searches are all case-insensitive. This means that you may use upper case letters, lower case letters or aNy CombinatioN. It won't affect the search results at all.

Search Criteria

To keep the search quick and easy, certain assumptions were made. The most important one concerns a search "string" with more than one "word." If you search the hike title on "Pisgah Inn," for example, the search will return all the hikes with both the word "Pisgah" AND the word "Inn" in the title.

Hike Title

To save space, we routinely use abbreviations in the hike titles. If we used more than one abbreviation, or sometimes used an abbreviation and sometimes spelled out the word or phrase, your searching will be harder (sorry) since you'll have to do more than one search to get all the hike reports. Use the table below to help you find all the hikes you're interested in when you search.

Abbrev. But also search for Example, or usual usage
Mt. Mt (no period) or Mount Mt. Pisgah
Mtn. Mtn (no period) or Mountain Pilot Mountain
SF State Forest DuPont SF
SP State Park Table Rock SP
NF National Forest Pisgah NF
BRP Blue Ridge Parkway  
GSMNP Great Smoky Mountains National Park "Smokey" is incorrect
SC South Carolina  

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