Hiking with the Carriage Park Ramblers

Useful Information For Hike Leaders

How to Send a Hike Announcement — Step by step instructions
Download pdf (472K)

Sheet (Ramblers)
Download pdf (60K)

Sheet (Ramblers Lite/Amblers)
Download pdf (60K)

Hike Leader Guidelines
Download pdf (100K) From 2010, but still mostly relevant.

Medical Emergency Protocols (from Matt Hayes, MD)
• For Hike Leaders Download pdf (48K)
• Cuts and Scrapes Download pdf (28K)
• Sprains and Breaks Download pdf (28K)
• Wasp Stings Download pdf (36K)
• Cardiac Incidents Download pdf (40K)

Useful Information for All Hikers

Hiking Destination Resource Information

(Contact Jay Frank or Jan Allen to add or correct these resources)

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