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Hiking with the Carriage Park Ramblers

  1. We hike every week of the year. Most of our hikes are scheduled on either Tuesdays or Thursdays.
  2. There are no formal requirements for participation in CPR hikes; all CP residents and lot owners, as well as relatives and guests, are welcome to join us on our hikes.
  3. Hike leaders are responsible for planning their hikes, scouting the hikes a week or more prior to the hike (usually with other leaders), and sending a hike announcement to interested residents. During the hike, the leader will have maps, a first aid kit and other associated equipment necessary to assure that each hike can be completed safely and efficiently.
  4. Our hike schedule is listed in the CPHA Website’s Events Calendar. Normal meeting time for all hikes is 8:20am to leave promptly at 8:30am.
  5. We meet at the Clubhouse parking lot (upper end) to car pool to our hike destination.
  6. All hikers must sign the Personal Liability Disclaimer Form prior to each hike. This form will be circulated by the hike leader at the Clubhouse parking lot before departing for the hike.
  7. Each hike leader will email a hike announcement a week or so prior to their hike. Please read this announcement carefully as it may contain additional information for that particular hike. You can always call the hike leader on questions regarding that hike.
  8. Our hikes are rated as: EASY, MODERATE, or STRENUOUS. Ratings are subjectively based upon distance, elevation change, terrain, trail conditions and other such factors.
  9. Choose your hikes carefully, based on your own abilities. Hiking on mountain trails is not a walk in a park; footing is sometimes difficult, and ascents may be steep! If you’re not an experienced hiker, it is strongly recommended that you prepare for participation with the Ramblers by regular walks in Carriage Park. When you are able to complete one lap around Carriage Park Way, a distance of 2½ miles with an elevation change of about 500 feet, you are probably ready to participate in moderate hikes. Strenuous hikes generally require a higher level of fitness.
    The hike leader is authorized to refuse to allow any person to participate in a Rambler’s hike if the leader determines that person is inappropriately equipped or physically unable to complete the hike. If you have questions about your readiness for a hike, contact the leader prior to the hike.
  10. Always pack a lunch unless the hike announcement indicates something different (such as visiting a restaurant after the hike). It is essential to bring an ample supply of water, especially in warm weather; inadequate hydration can lead to a multitude of troublesome of symptoms!
  11. Always wear proper hiking gear, including hiking boots - sneakers are strongly discouraged because they offer little support. Sandals are never allowed. Due to the uncertainty of weather conditions in the mountains, it is advisable that all hikers carry rain gear.
  12. Hiking poles are recommended for those that need them. Many hikers find that using one or two hiking poles improves their balance and helps to prevent falls and injuries.
  13. Optional equipment: Cameras – most hikes offer photo opportunities. GPS, compass and maps – the leader is responsible for navigating the trail, but other hikers may want to monitor progress and location. Whistles – Leaders and sweeps are expected to have whistles for communication purposes, but other hikers sometimes find it useful to signal the group about problems.
  14. Sun screen and insect repellent are suggested according to each hiker’s sensitivities.
  15. On the trails, always stay behind the hike leader and in front of the sweep. At his/her discretion, the leader may give permission for one or more hikers to take the lead. When someone is injured or cannot maintain the group’s pace, the sweep and/or other designated hiker will accompany that person according to the leader’s recommendations.
  16. We try to stop at restrooms prior to the start of the hike, whenever possible. During the hike, we will take restroom breaks (called “trail breaks”) as requested.
  17. No pets are allowed on our hikes.
  18. Tobacco & alcohol are not permitted on our hikes or during the ride to/from the trail head.
  19. Firearms and other weapons are not permitted on our hikes and cannot be transported to/from the trail head.
  20. Unless you receive an email from the hike leader canceling the hike, we will meet at the usual place and time stated in the announcement. If the weather looks questionable for that day’s hike, a “go/no-go” decision will be made at the Clubhouse parking lot that morning. Please do not call the hike leader regarding weather cancellations.
  21. As a courtesy to those driving to/from the trail head, please bring a change of shoes for the ride back to Carriage Park.
  22. RIDE SHARING POLICY: Each rider will pay his/her driver $5 to help defray the costs of fuel and other vehicle operating expenses.

This is a FUN hiking club, so come out and join us and enjoy this beautiful area we live in.

Jay Frank, Hike Coordinator
Carriage Park Ramblers
Updated: March 14, 2011

Hiking with the Carriage Park Ramblers Lite

The Ramblers Lite is an off-shoot of the Carriage Park Ramblers begun in late 2010 when it was noticed that (a) we normally had larger-than-usual turnouts for the “easy” hikes that the Ramblers had been scheduling for the first Tuesday of the month; and (2) some of these hikers reported that the “easy” hikes were still more difficult than they would like. Seeing this interest in a “lighter” schedule of hikes, Mary Scott called an organizational meeting. Ashok Kudva and Roger Beghtol trained hike leaders and Donna Christensen agreed to coordinate the new group. The first Ramblers Lite hike took place in January of 2011.

As some of would-be Ramblers Lite hikers have found out, a hike is not a walk in the park. Although the Ramblers Lite walk at a slower pace for shorter distances with more stops, we do hike in the woods on paths that are sometimes rough, stony and root-filled. We also try to avoid steep climbs, but there is usually some elevation change involved. (We do live in the mountains — it’s hard to avoid.) We may also have water crossings involving stone hops or even wading. This is not said to discourage you from hiking, just to acquaint you with the differences between hiking and walking.

All Guidelines for Hiking with the Ramblers apply except as noted here:

  1. Lite hikes are scheduled on the second Thursday and last Friday of the month.
  2. Lite hikes are all rated as Easy. Our Easy hikes may be easier than the Ramblers’ easy hikes. Lite hikes are almost never more than 5 miles. There is much less elevation change, the pace is slower, rest stops are more frequent, and the trails are usually in better condition.

This is a FUN hiking club, so come out and join us and enjoy this beautiful area we live in.

Donna Christensen, Hike Coordinator
Carriage Park Ramblers Lite
Updated: August 24, 2011

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